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How we help you

As a member of CrossFit Thun you will be treated as an individual. You won't get any quick fixes or false promises here. In the consultation we determine where you want to go and help you to find out exactly what you need to get there. Our coaching process picks you up from where you are. You will be surrounded by professional trainers and members who value hard work, a healthy lifestyle, real solutions and ultimately a dedication to making anything happen.








Med. Massage Praxis 

Tanja is a trained medical masseuse FA SRK.


The massage is an external treatment that releases blockages through pressure, strokes, tension and kneading. It can also be used to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.


Recognized by the supplementary insurances: EMR, ASCA and Visana.


Also for non-members.


physical therapy

Aline is a trained physiotherapist FH.


In the case of physical complaints of all kinds, whether acute or long-standing, we analyze the movement sequence and focus on strengthening the deficit.

Will be settled with the basic insurance of the health insurance on medical prescription.

Also for non-members.

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