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Snatch The Mountains 2022

CrossFit Team Competition 1M/1F Ready for your next challenge?

01 Event categories Teams of 2 (1 Man / 1 Woman)


No One Rep Max definition for the lifts. You can lift more. 90/55kg Back Squat, 90/55kg Deadlift, 60/40kg Clean, 40/30kg Snatch,

40/30kg Thruster, 6/4kg Wall Balls, 40/50cm Boxes, Single Jump Rope Jumps, Toes to Bar, Pull Ups


No One Rep Max definition for the lifts. You can lift more. 120/70kg Back Squat, 120/70kg Deadlift, 100/60kg Clean, 80/50kg Snatch,

60/40kg Thruster, 9/6kg Wall Balls, 75/60/50cm Boxes, Double Unders, Toes to Bar,

All Pull-Up Variations and muscle ups by at least one athlete.

02 Qualification 24 teams each category. Qualification from 18 to 31 of March.

Qualify over three workouts.

Q22.1 - Q22.2 and Q22.3

Teams that are members of CrossFit Thun can have the qualification workouts taken directly by Coach Aline or Raphael without submitting a video. Ask us for more Information.

03 Finals The finals will take place on 21 of May for the SCALED and 22 for the RX.

be there as a volunteer

We are looking for:

- Set up and dismantle the training area

- Heat preparers

- Judges

- and many more

Benefit from free food, event shirts and much more.

Register as a Judge or Volunteer.

Thank you very much.

Finals Location

Eisstadion Thun Grabenstrasse 9 3600 Thun

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