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Outdoor WOD - Mi 03.03.21


400m run alternating between

-Easy jog 100m

-Faster jog 100m


For 10m each

-Side to side lunge

-Walking knee hug

-Inch worm

-Walking quad pull

-Duck walk


For Time:

1 KB suicide run

40 Burpees with 2 lateral jumps over KB

1 KB suicide run

40 KB front squats

1 KB suicide run

40 KB Snatches (20L/20R)

1 KB suicide run

40 KB power clean and jerk

* suicide run :

25m out and back, 50m out and back

* Weight: 1x

KB: 20/16 kg

DB: 22.5/15 kg


3 Rounds 10 V-ups 20 Sit-up

30 Banded Curls

40 Flutter Kicks

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