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WOD - Mo 13.09.21

WARM UP 3 rounds for quality of:

5 Parallette Push-ups

5 Parallette Dips

5 Squat Jump Laterally Over Paralletts

5 sec Hollow Hold, 5 secs

CORE Every 1 min for 15 mins, alternating between:

L Sit Hold, 30 secs

Superman Rock, 30 secs

Closed Tuck Front Lever, 30 secs


For time: (TC 30min)

Buy in:

3 Leg Less Rope Climbs, (scaled: normal Climbs)

No Rest Into:

4x 30m unbroken Farmers Carry, 2x 32/24kg

4x 30 unbroken Battling Ropes (L+R= 1 rep)

4x 25 unbroken Romanian Deadlift 35-40% of your best Deadlift

5x 5 unbroken Strict Burpees (each rep with a close grip Push up)

5x 5 unbroken Strict Pull-ups (weighted)

5x 15sec unbroken Handstand Holds,

5x 5 unbroken Tire Flips

*Switch between sets as needed


5' Foam Roll

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