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WOD - Mi 08.09.21

WARM UP 2 rounds for quality of: 12 Serratus Wall Slides 12 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows 12 Push-up Plus 12 Y-T-Ws

STRENGTH CONDITIONING 3 rounds, each round for time, of:

8 Deadlifts, 122.5/82.5kg

25/18 Row Calories

Rest 3 mins between each round.

METCON SPRINT 2 rounds, each round for time, of:

Row, 750/600 m

20 Toes-to-bars

40 Kettlebell Farmers Carry Walking Lunges, 2x 24/16 kg

Rest 1:1 between each round.

COOL DOWN For quality:

Ski Erg, 5 mins

Wall Pec Stretch, 2 mins

Pigeon Stretch, 2 mins

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