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WOD - Do 16.09.21

WARM UP 3 rounds for quality of:

5 Pull-ups

5 Bar Dips

10 Pike Push-ups

10 Overhead Squats,

10 kg Plank Hold, 40 secs

GYMNASTIC SKILLS Every 1 min for 15 mins, alternating between:

2-6 Muscle Up (Unbroken)

Handstand Walk, 30m

Bamboo Bar Overhead Stability Hold, 45 secs SCALE Ring Transition (Weighted if pos)

GYMNASTIC METCON 4 rounds for time of:

100 Double Unders

25 Overhead Squats, 35/25 kg

6/3 Ring Muscle-ups

COOL DOWN For quality:

Calf Stretch, 2 mins

Chest-to-Floor Stretch, 2 mins

Lat Stretch In Child’s Pose, 2 mins

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