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Weightlifting - Mo 23.11.20


3 min any monostructural activity –

(Skip rope, bike, row, ski erg, jog)


Foam roll: 10 passes on each bodypart -Glutes -Hamstrings -Upper back -Lats -Quads


5 Air squat 6 Alternating lunges 5 Inch worm 10 Box jump (low)


2 Rounds 3 Hang power clean 3 Front Squat 3 Jerk 3 Hang squat clean + Jerk


1 Hang squat clean + 1 Front squat + 1 split jerk *Build to a heavy single for the day recording your heaviest 4 lifts


Front rack holds 5 x10s @ 120% 1RM Front squat. (Hold weight in front rack position for the time given)


Snatch grip overhead holds 5x10s @ 110% 1RM snatch


4×8 Snatch grip strict press

(behind neck)

4×3 Max height jumps (attempt to jump and touch something out of your reach) *Rest 20s between reps *Rest 1 min between sets

4×3 Single leg box jumps,

(3 jumps each leg as high as possible.) *Rest 1 min between sets

4×5 continuous broad jump

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