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Limited Equipment - Sa 14.08.21

Work at Home or in the GYM - Use a Sandbag, Barbell or 1-2 KB or DB's.

Warm Up 2 Rounds 200m Run 10 Big arm circles forwards 1/1min Pigeon Stretch 5 Bent over row sandbag row 5 Push-up

Workout 2 Rounds 100 Sandbag Bent over rows 100 Sandbag Floor press 100 Sandbag Suitcase deadlift (50 per side)

Accessory 2 Rounds: Supine Pillar Bridge x 1 min each leg Plank x 1 min Right side Plank x30 secs Left side Plank x30 secs 2 min rest in between rounds

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