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Limited Equipment - Mo 02.08.21


5 min any monostructural activity


Foam roll – 10-15 passes per bodypart





Lower and upper back


30s Couch stretch each leg

5 Air Squat

30s bottom of the squat

5 Air squat

10 Side lunge stretch (5 on each leg)

5 Air squat

1. EMOMx12

5-10 Sandbag KB or DB SDHP

Rest of each min AMREP: V-Ups

2. Sandbag, KB or DB Ground to Overhead

A. 1min AMRAP

Rest 2min

B. For time: Double the reps from A.

3. Strength 1

A. EMOM 7: 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 weighted dips

B. Complete 1 max set of unbroken strict dips

C. Complete 1 max set of unbroken kipping dips

4. Strength 2

3×10 Back Squats

4. Gymnastics Conditioning

5×60" Handstand Hold, rest as needed between sets

5. Conditioning

3 RFT:

400m Run

21 Burpees over Sandbag, KB or DB

21 Diamond Push ups

Cool Down

2 min each stretch

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