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Use a Barbell, Sandbag or 1-2 KB's or DB's for this workout.

Warmup 4 Rounds for Quality 20 Slow Mountain climbers, L+R=2 Reps 15 Air squats 10 V-Ups

Workout Filthy 50: (50 reps of each exercise) 50 Box jumps or Step Ups onto an object, about 60/50cm 50 Pull ups- perform as many strict as you can before moving to kipping or butterfly** 50 Thrusters 50 Walking lunges (25 per leg) 50 Knees to elbows OR V-up 50 Push press 50 Burpees 50 Side to side jumps over an object 50 Weighted sit ups 50 Ground to shoulder

**Bent Over Row with a 3 sec rest at the chest.

Cool Down

5' Mobility Work

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