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Limited Equipment - Di 10.08.21

Use a Sandbag or 1-2 KB's or DB's for this workout.

Warm Up

3 Rounds

3 Wall walks (go as far up the wall as you can 10m Walking knee hug

10m Walking toe touch 10 Jumping Air Squat 5 Inch worms

Workout 20 Minute AMRAP 3 Sandbag Curl + 3 sandbag Front Squat + 3 strict press + 3 sandbag push press.


L Sit: accumulate 1 minute in as few sets as possible *Scale the L-sit

- 1 leg tucked and one extended - 1 min hollow rock position

Accessory 4 Rounds: 30 Sec on 30 sec off: Russian twists, pick weight Crunches, (Just the Shoulders up and down) Flutter kicks (straight legs)

Mountain Climbers (slow touch the elbow)

1-2 Minute rest in between rounds

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