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Home WOD - Fr 12.02.21


3 Rounds not for time

30 Single unders or double unders

5 Push up

5 V-up

10 Alternating weighted arm circles (palm up on way up, palm down on way down)

30s hang from pull up bar OR childs pose

6 Push press with an empty barbell

6 Light kettlebell/dumbbell strict press (6 reps on each arm) with light weight


5 Rounds For Time of:

10 Shoulder-to-Overheads, 50/35kg

15 Sit-ups

20 Box Jumps


5 rounds for time of:

10 Shoulder-to-Overheads, 40/30kg

15 Sit-ups

20 Box Jumps


shoulder to oh -

bag/kb/db or push ups

box jumps -

step up / chair step ups (10 each leg)


3 Rounds:

1 min plank hold center

1 min plank hold right side

1 min plank hold left side

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