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Home WOD - Fr 29.01.21


3-5 min any monostructural activity – (Skip rope, bike, row, ski erg, jog)


Foam roll: 10-15 passes on each body part



-Upper back




5 Air squat

5 Inch worm

10 Box jump (20″/16″) OR tuck jump


2 Rounds (kb/db/bag)

3 High hang power clean

3 Hang power clean

3 Full power clean

3 Jerk

3 Front squat

All Equipment Areas


Record your best Power Clean & Jerk 1 rep max lift

*Rest at least 3 min between attempts

*If you fail 3x you are done!

Substitutions Strength

- Do 3 Sets of Max unbroken DB KB Power Clean and Jerk ( first weak arm unbroken then change same reps = 1set)

- Do 3 Rounds of:

1 Min Superman Hold

No Rest

Max set unbroken Push Ups


2 Rounds For Time Of:

50 Box Jump Overs, 60/50cm

25 DB Hang Power Clean+Jerks, 2x 20/15kg

15 Handstand Push-ups


2 Rounds For Time Of:

50 Box Jump Overs, 50/40cm

25 DB Hang Power Clean+Jerks 2x 15/10kg

15 Dumbbell seated military press 15/10kg

Substitutions Workout

Box jump overs -> line hops (x2)

Dumbbell hang power clean and jerks -> barbell or Bag hang power clean and jerks

Handstand push up TO seated dumbbell military press or seated barbell military press or Bag military press OR Pike HSPU

Cool Down

Seated hamstring stretch for 2 min

Seated butterfly stretch for 2 min

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