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Home WOD - Di 09.02.21

Aktualisiert: 10. Feb. 2021


3 Rounds Not For Time:

Row 20 Cal

30s Calf stretch

30s Seated hamstring stretch

20 Single unders

10 Right leg only single unders

10 Left leg only single unders

20 Double unders

Workout Notes

Goal Time: 12-18 min

Repetitions: High


For time:

Row, 1500 m

300 Double Unders

Row, 1500 m


For time:

Row, 1500 m

300 Single Unders

Row, 1500 m


Row –

150 sumo deadlift high pull 20/10kg with:

barbell / KBs / DBs / Bag

Double/single unders –

300 Jump and touch (touch a line 5cm above hands on a wall)

Cool Down

2 min couch stretch each leg

2 min pretzel stretch each leg

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