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Home WOD - Mi 10.02.21

Aktualisiert: 10. Feb. 2021


4 Rounds For Quality:

15s L-sit

10 Sit-up

10 Hollow rock

20 2 Count flutter kick


2 Rounds

7 Air squat (2s pause in bottom)

3 Reverse step lunge (each leg)

7 Push-up

30s childs pose

30s Bottom of squat

Workout Notes


Goal Times: 1:30-2:00 per round

*Keep track of each individual round times

*Alternate the thrusters by moving the dumbbell from hand to hand each thruster. This can be done carefully overhead or after lowering to the shoulder.


5 Rounds, Each Round For Time, Of:

Run, 200 m

20 Alternating single arm dumbbell thrusters, 22.5/15kg

Rest 1:30 between each round.


5 rounds, each round for time, of:

Run, 200 m

20 Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters, 15/10kg


Run –

100 Alternating plate foot taps to a 45lb plate (each tap counts as one rep.)


100 Jumping Jacks

Alternating dumbbell thrusters –

Bag or barbell regular thruster


3×10 Dumbbell incline bench press, pick medium weight

3×10 Dumbbell fly, pick medium weight

3×10 Dumbbell front raise, pick light weight

Rest 1-2 min between sets


Close Grip Push up

Wide Grip Push up

Front Raise with Bag

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