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COMPETITION - Mo 20.12.21

For athletes who need more than normal programming.

if you do not have the opportunity to train 2 sessions per day, you can also put together your own session.


Session 1


A. Run 3x60m @ 90-95% max effort *Rest 2min between sets

4x40m @ 90-95% max effort *Rest 2 min between sets

B. Dumbbell Cycling EMOM 10 min 7 Single dumbbell overhead squat, 22.5/15kg *Alternate arms every other minute

Accessory 10×5 Weighted strict pull-up @ heaviest set of 5’s you can go *Rest 1-2 min between sets

Session 2

Strength Overhead squat 5×2 @ 85% *Rest 2-3 min between sets

B. Behind the neck strict press 3×5 @ heaviest weight possible


A. Row 10x300m @ 2k row pace. *Rest 30s between efforts

B. For time 100 Double unders 10 Thrusters 40/30kg 200 Double unders 7 Thrusters 40/30kg 300 Double unders 5 Thrusters 40/30kg

Accessory 10 Rounds 5 Strict pull-up 15 Push-up

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