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COMPETITION - Mo 13.12.21

For athletes who need more than normal programming.

if you do not have the opportunity to train 2 sessions per day, you can also put together your own session.


Session 1

Conditioning A. Run 5 x 400m Row sprints *Rest 2 min between efforts

B. Barbell Cycling For Quality

40 Squat Clean @ 60/40kg

40 Squat Clean @ 50/35kg

Accessory 3×15 Weighted seated calf raise *Rest 1-2 min between sets

Session 2

Strength Overhead squat 5×3 @ 75-80% 1RM *Rest 2-3 min between sets


A. For Time 33-27-21-15-9 Power clean 50/35 Handstand push up

–Rest 10 min–

-into B-

B. EMOM 10 min 1 Legless rope climb 1 Regular rope climb *If you fail at any point, take the next minute off, then continue. If you get to a point where you cannot perform legless, perform 2 regular rope climb.

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