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COMPETITION - Mo 04.10.21

For athletes who need more than normal programming.

if you do not have the opportunity to train 2 sessions per day, you can also put together your own session.


1. Snatch

EMOMx12: Snatch

First 4 mins are:

1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Snatch Balance

Second 4 mins are:

1 hang squat snatch

Final 4 mins are:

1 squat snatch

2. Squat

3x10 Back Squats

All sets with same weight

3. Conditioning


1000m Row

50 Thrusters, 45#

30 Pull ups

*All out

4. Gymnastics

3x25 unbroken C2B Pull Ups

3-4 min rest between sets

Scale to:

A: do 1set max unbroken c2b pull ups

B: do 2 sets with 90% of A:

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