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COMPETITION - Mi 25.08.21

For athletes who need more than normal programming.

if you do not have the opportunity to train 2 sessions per day, you can also put together your own session.


1. Barbell Conditioning

5-4-3-2-1 of:

Power Cleans, 65/45kg

Thrusters, 65/45kg

2. Squat


2 Back Squat increase every min.

3 Gymnastic

2 Rounds for strength and skill

20 Strict Chin Ups

25 Strict HSPU

30m Handstand Walk

rest as needed between


4. Conditioning

For time:

2km Run

2km Row

1km Run

1km Row

5. Accessory

5×10 GHD Sit Ups, holding a 15/10kg plate overhead

5x10 GHD Back Ext. Holding a 15/10kg plate at the chest

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