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ACCESSORY - Sa 11.09.21

Vor oder Nach dem WOD, wähle zwischen: Strength🏋️, Bootie🍑, Bicep💪 oder 6️⃣📦Bauch.

🏋️💪 5x5 Bench Press

Every set as heavy as pos.

3-4min rest between sets.



Front Squat

unbroken Goblet Squat Matador Dips (banded if needed)

DB Fly

*heavier weight each round


Do the Long version! Belly fat has to go! It hides the sickpack!

Long version:

Ski with 70% of MHR

Every 10 min for 30 min or more:

50 TRX Crunch

Short version:

150 TRX Crunch

Every Break: 15 Sit Ups

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