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ACCESSORY - Di 12.10.21

Vor oder Nach dem WOD, wähle zwischen: Strength🏋️, Bootie🍑, Bicep💪 oder 6️⃣📦Bauch.


Strength Tempo sets

4x10 Box Squats, heavy (increasing)

*all with tempo: 3sec down explosiv up on a 40cm Box

🍑 Leg Challenege

20 min AMRAP with a weight vest

2-4-6-8-10 usw

- Box step up

- Back Step Lunges

- Air Squat

- Armless Bike cal


Tabata 16x 20sec on 10sec off:

alternate between:

- Mountain Climber

- Heavy Russian Twist



Row 5000m

every 1000m do:

30 Mountain Climber

30 Heavy Russian Twist

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