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ACCESSORY - Mi 20.10.21

Vor oder Nach dem WOD, wähle zwischen: Strength🏋️, Bootie🍑, Bicep💪 oder 6️⃣📦Bauch.

🏋️💪 Tempo Strict Romanian Deadlift

tempo 13502

accumulate 30reps of:

1sec down /

3sec hold 10cm off floor /

5sec up /

2sec rest

💪 8 Rounds

20s work 20s rest

- Z-Bar Curls

- Weighted or BW GHD Back Ext.

- Double DB concentration Curls on GHD

- Banded Good Morning

*Pick light weights, Perform all 8 rounds of one movement. Take 2min rest befor you hit the next movement.


Do the Long version!

Belly fat has to go! It hides the sickpack!

Long version

Bike 10km every 1000m do:

1 Min Plank

+ 10 Weighted Sit ups

Short version:

5x 1 Min Plank + 10 Weighted Sit ups

1 min rest between sets.

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