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ACCESSORY - Fr 27.08.21

Vor oder Nach dem WOD, wähle dein ACCESSORY: Bootie🍑, Bicep💪 oder 6️⃣📦Bauch.


Mimimi Workout

3-4 Super Set

10 Double DB Bench Flys, pick weight

no rest into:

10 Double DB Bench Press

no rest into:

10 Alternating DB Bench Press, 1 arm stays at chest, same weight (5/5)

no rest into:

Max unbroken Alt. Bicep Curl (any variant)

no rest into:

Max unbroken Double DB Sumo Deadlift High Pull

no rest into:

Max unbroken banded Flys

reduce weight / round if needed

3-4 Min Rest between Rounds

*Cry if needed

💪 3-4 Rounds 4-6 Hammer Curl, 22.5/15 or 10kg

no rest into: Max unbroken hammer Curl 15/10 or 5kg

*rest as needed


3-4 Rounds 9-11 Romanian deadlift , pick heavy weight (don't touch the ground) Max Romanian deadlift, drop10-20kg *rest as needed

6️⃣📦 5x10 Strict Toes To Bar or 15 V-Ups

Scale: Strict Leg Lifts as high as pos

Rest as needed

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