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ACCESSORY - Di 21.09.21

Vor oder Nach dem WOD, wähle zwischen: Strength🏋️, Bootie🍑, Bicep💪 oder 6️⃣📦Bauch.

🏋️💪 5×3 Paused Strict Shoulder Press

pick heaviest weight Rest 2-3 min between sets


EMOM 21min 10 Close Stance Heel elevated Front Squat, pick weight

10 Seated KB Front Rack Single Arm DB Press, 10 each side, pick weight 10 Incline Dual KB Prone Row , 2sec rest on top


Do the Long version!

Belly fat has to go! It hides the sickpack!

Long version

* Every Break: X Cal Bike (difference to 100)

* Change side every round

* if you do 10 reps = 90 cal usw

Short version:

* Every Break: X Cal bike (difference to 50)

* if you do 10 rep = 40 cal row usw.

* 2 Rounds (1 round per side)

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