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ACCESSORY - Di 03.08.21

Strength Speed Bench press 12×2 @ 60% 1RM *Rest 1:30 between sets *The goal is to stand the weight up as fast as possible for each rep with a normal controlled descent


Super Set 1:

12 Dumbbell bench press, pick weight 12 Arnolds press, pick weight

*Rest 1-2 minutes each round

Super Set 2:

12 Bent over reverse fly, pick weight

12 Bicep Curls (z-bar or barbell), pick weight *Rest 1-2 minutes each round

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Raphael Lüthi
Raphael Lüthi
Aug 03, 2021

Cool siter drbi bim Start vom GYMPLAN. Accessory, 30min für aues. 🤙🏼 Bi frage cha me immer bi Kommentar schribe. 🙌🏼

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